THE WORLD D&C was founded as a designstudio in 1992. The studio has developed visual design and communication within graphics - fashion & jeanswear - brand design - industrial products - furniture design and automotive exterior design for a number of wellknown companys and brands. In the years that have passed, we have gained international experience and trust in what we do. As well in wholesale & retail, as by working with people and companys from different businesses and from various parts of the world. 

We have now taken steps towards a new age developing the brand THE WORLD and the "newborn" ECOLLECTION into what we consider as being a future must have alternative within the apparel industry. 

We bring you the ultimate best in organic fashion basics. Tees and sweats and more. The best in conscious and sustainable apparel.

Honesty, attitude and performance. Made by man. In the world, to the world - by THE WORLD.